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Propane adapter for flat pack grill & fire pit (not for the Snow Peak Takibi)

Propane adapter for flat pack grill & fire pit (not for the Snow Peak Takibi)

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This is a propane adapter kit for your existing square folding fire pit (there are several brands that this adapter fits, such as Bigfoot BushcraftCampingmoon and Lineslife, see fitment notes below).

If you are looking for the Snow Peak version, click here: Zutto.

Our flat-pack fire pit is one of our very favorite camping accessories and we wanted to be able to use it safely throughout the camping season, including when there are restrictions on wood fires. When we couldn’t find a propane adapter for it, we decided to make our own. The adapter would need to be light and low profile, easy to assemble and pack, would not require any modifications to the fire pit, and of course would need to provide heat and ambiance. After creating and testing dozens of prototypes, we landed on this design. We hope you love it as much as we do!

The kit usually fits in the carrying bag that came with your fire pit (we tested it with the Bigfoot Bushcraft at least) and allows you to have a fire going within minutes of setting up camp, all without needing any tools. It gives you instant ON/OFF capability and can be used as an outdoor cooking option. We recommend using cast iron instead of cooking directing over the flame, both due to soot creation and to keep your adapter components clean.

People often ask how long a 20lb tank would last? The best answer we can give is "somewhere between 2hrs and over 10hrs."

Though the burn time is obviously affected by the size of the flame, it is also affected by outdoor conditions. One 20lb tank would easily last for a few evenings of modest use, even with some daytime cooking. However if we were camping with others and wanted a larger, more "social" flame, we would ask someone else to bring another tank so they can be swapped should that need to happen.

We ship these using USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes from Portland, OR. Which means they should get to you within 3 days of being dropped off. We build in some buffer, as with most of you, we too are campers and sometimes aren't home to ship these out (we do build these at our home).

Domestic shipping is $20 for the kit with lava rocks and $15 without the lava rocks.


  • (1) propane air mixer fitting
  • (1) 12” square 92K BTU burner
  • (1) custom made aluminum plate
  • (1) 8ft stainless 0-20PSI propane hose

Optional add-on:

  • Lava rocks (colors may vary) with canvas carrying tote

Fitment notes:

This adapter is made for the style of flat pack fire pit that is exactly like the one depicted in the photos. Take a close look at your fire pit to make sure it matches this style (you can also browse the links at the top of this product descriptions).

Different brands have different size descriptions (such as medium, XL, etc). This adapter will fit the versions of this grill with a deployed dimensions of 12.5" or more on its side.

Instruction video:

THIS IS NOT A TOY! Please understand that this device can easily create a large flame. We are not responsible for the misuse of the adapter. Do not use indoors or under any sort of canopy.

Will not fit the small/solo version of the fire pit (that unfolds to a roughly 10" square shape).
Fire pit not included.
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